Why Is It So Hard: Becoming A People Person in the Post COVID-19 Era (Paperback)

Why Is It So Hard: Becoming A People Person in the Post COVID-19 Era By Ervin (Earl) Cobb, Charlotte D. Grant-Cobb Cover Image

Why Is It So Hard: Becoming A People Person in the Post COVID-19 Era (Paperback)


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Book Synopsis: In this timely and unabridged book, the authors utilize their strong skills of literary research and a unique ability to link thought with feelings to craft a compelling and unbiased analysis of the challenges associated with being a humanitarian in America during an unprecedented period of political and social strife. The analysis shares current survey data, historical trends, revealing photographs, and relevant literary work of other authors, scholars, historians, news correspondents, bloggers and social activists to uniquely explore and untangle nine powerful societal influences. Individually, and at times in combination, these influences are having the most impact on shaping public thought and fueling historic divisiveness among Americans today.

Why Read This Book: You will gain a deeper understanding of what has been driving the increased levels of political and social strife in America since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also gain insight into practical approaches that you can take to minimize the "invasiveness" of the societal influences that prevent most Americans from becoming kinder and more humane.


A Kinder and More Humane Society Starts With Kinder People.

"In an amazingly concise and powerful book, the Cobbs use an approach, which integrates photographic images and the most relevant literary work of others, to connect 'thought with feelings', while untangling and examining the complexities and interrelatedness of societal unity, humanity, diversity and the invasiveness of societal influences in America today."

In the new book, Earl and Charlotte introduce and cross-examine a set of societal influences or Framing Factors, which have a significant influence in the daily lives of Americans. The anti-humanitarian effects of several of these Framing Factors were amplified during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to exist at an elevated level today.

The Framing Factors are:

  • The Influence of The Human Mind
  • The Influence of Selfishness
  • The Influence of Apathy and Indifference
  • The Influence of The Less Educated
  • The Influence of Social Media and Mass Misinformation
  • The Influence of Conspiracy Theories
  • The Influence of Partisan Politics
  • The Influence of Wealth and Power
  • The Influence of Religious Hypocrisy

The Cobbs deliver a rich and unbiased analysis of the "impacts" these influences have on humanity and kindness within the United States. Common-sense approaches to countering the impacts are proposed as starting points, for those interested in taking on the challenge of becoming a true, people person.

Product Details ISBN: 9781733569347
ISBN-10: 1733569340
Publisher: Richer Press
Publication Date: December 1st, 2021
Pages: 192
Language: English