Black Metal Rainbows (Paperback)

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Black Metal Rainbows By Daniel Lukes (Editor), Stanimir Panayotov (Editor), Jaci Raia (Designed by) Cover Image

Black Metal Rainbows (Paperback)

By Daniel Lukes (Editor), Stanimir Panayotov (Editor), Jaci Raia (Designed by)


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If you're like me and love the music, aesthetics, and nihilism of black metal, but hate the gross fascists & edgelords who've gatekeeped it for too long, this is the book we've been waiting for! This gorgeous volume features art, comics, and essays from a radical, queer, anti-racist, perspective on the genre. I wish my best friend, a queer diehard metalhead, could have lived to see this book.

— Caroline A.

Black metal is a paradox. A noisy underground metal genre brimming with violence and virulence, it has captured the world's imagination for its harsh yet flamboyant style and infamous history involving arson, blasphemy, and murder. Today black metal is nothing less than a cultural battleground between those who claim it for nationalist and racist ends, and those who say: Nazi black metal fvck off

Black Metal Rainbows is a radical collection of writers, artists, activists, and visionaries, including Drew Daniel, Kim Kelly, Laina Dawes, Espi Kvlt, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, Svein Egil Hatlevik, Eugene S. Robinson, Margaret Killjoy, and many more. Across essays and theory-fictions, artworks and comics, we say out loud: Long live black metal's trve rainbow

This unique volume envisions black metal as always already open, inclusive, and unlimited: a musical genre whose vital spirit of total antagonism rebels against the forces of political conservatism. Beyond its clich's of grimness, nihilism, reaction, and signature black/white corpse-paint sneer, black metal today is a vibrant and revolutionary paradigm. This book reveals its ludic, carnival worlds animated by spirits of joy and celebration, community and care, queerness and camp, LGBTQI+ identities and antifascist, antiracist, and left-wing politics, not to mention endless aesthetic experimentation and fabulousness. From the crypt to the cloud, Black Metal Rainbows unearths black metal's sparkling core and illuminates its prismatic spectrum: deep within the black, far beyond grimness, and over a darkly glittering rainbow

Product Details ISBN: 9781629638812
ISBN-10: 1629638811
Publisher: PM Press
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2023
Pages: 448
Language: English